Google’s Project Loon : Connecting the world using Drones to provide internet for remote area

Google’s Project Loon : Connecting the world using Drones to provide internet for remote area

Google started its acquired Space Data Corp which use to work on providing internet connectivity to truckers and oil companies in united states. Project Loon started officially in Google’s secret SpaceX lab in 2011.

in 2013 Google launched 30 balloons in New Zealand in coordination with civil aviation authority.

Google's Balloon

Google’s Balloon

Google can keep balloons in the air for 75 days. One balloon, called Ibis 152, has been in air for over 100 days, while another balloon, called Ibis 162, circled the globe three times before it finally descended. The Loon team has also bolstered balloon internet speeds utilising LTE and providing 22 MB/sec to ground antennas and 5 MB/sec to handsets.

Google Balloon in remote area

Google Balloon in remote area

How Project Look works ?

Google’s Balloon flys 20km above the earth surface in the stratosphere, stratosphere is the second layer of the earth surface. Winds in this surface are stratified, balloon uses an intelligent algorithms which decides the direction and speed of the balloon, considering wind speed in stratosphere.

Google Loon’s Balloon Design

Loon’s balloon envelopes are made from sheets of polyethylene plastic, and they measure fifteen meters wide by twelve meters tall when fully inflated. When a balloon is ready to be taken out of service, gas is released from the envelope to bring the balloon down to Earth in a controlled descent.

Google Loon's Envelop

Google Loon’s Envelop

How Google Loon Works ?

Google Loon’s ballons are fitted with high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, The panels produce approximately 100 Watts of power in full sun.

How Google Loon works

How Google Loon works


How Google Loon Connects ?

A Picture Says a lot 🙂

How Google Loon Connects

How Google Loon Connects


Project Loon Scaling up.


Facebook is also in the same line, Facebook taken bit different approach but both are using drones.

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