Era of Artificial Intelligence : Facebook new algorithm to identify people

Era of Artificial Intelligence : Facebook new algorithm to identify people

Amost five years ago face recognition was a trend your mobile applications use to set ur face as password for your smartphones, Windows OS introduced face recognition to unlock the system, Facebook used face recognition for tagging people in the group photos. 

But Face recognition is now very old, technology is changing so fast that today’s technology will become out dated tomorrow. Every day something new coming to market, people are becoming more innovative than ever. Recognition ? what else can one do other than face and voice recognition ?

Identity of a person based on his unique characteristics

Every person will be having his own uniqueness in his characteristics, the way he dress, his hair style, his body shape, his standing posture what else ?. Identifying a person based on his characteristics can be achieved by properly analysing the data.

Facebook can recognise you in photos for tagging, even if you’re not looking

Facebook is experimenting on a new algorithm which can recognise a person based on his unique characteristics even though his face is not visible. Yann LeCun, head of artificial intelligence at Facebook, is leading a team of researchers. The team is analysing more than 40000 thousands photos from flickr and experimenting in the lab.

However there are certain privacy concerns raised by experts, but Facebook will surely find a way to keep things secured.

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Facebook Shows how artificial intelligence improve Facebook to show you perfect posts

Facebook has set up three AI labs so far, the company is investing enough time and effort on AI which helps Facebook to server the content that matches the people’s interest. Facebook revealed backend recognition tech in F8 conference. CTO Mike Schroepfer described new systems for identifying the content and context of videos and sentences.

Facebook working on secretly working on Language Technology Group and experimenting on recorded voices and converting it into text. It has been planned by Facebook to release the feature in Facebook messenger where it converts voice to text.

Facebook’s Video AI prototype

Facebook has developed video AI prototype that identify 485 types of sports but recognises tiny differences among games. See the video given below

AI can read sentences and determine things like who possesses what, or where is an object.

Check this experiment 🙂 AI recognises content from the Lord Of The Rings and able to answer question about the story.

Why AI Matters for Facebook ?

The one and only aim to understand the content, show the relevant content to the user. This is really very much required for Facebook like company because if some one else enter into the market with a new idea then people might start looking towards it. The only thing every one must focus on is never allow your user to think about something else.

Facebook, Google and Apple are really doing a great job in this aspect, Nokia once was a leading mobile phone manufacturers, but one product like iPhone killed Nokia. If you are an entrepreneur then you must learn a lesson out of it.

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