Life Beyond Structure, Analysis, program and computers

I found this wonderful video and found the meaning of life, you may be a programmer, a civil engineer, a car maker, a researcher, a teacher or a student whoever you may be, but one must listen to this talk by Prof. Devdas Menon, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras

Some of the very interesting point taken out from this video are as follows

George Calvin’s famouse quote in 80’s
The paradox of our time and history is that

We tall the buildings but short the temper,
wide our free ways but narrowed our view point
we spend more but we have less
we buy more but we enjoy less
we have bigger houses but smaller family
we have more knowledge but less judgement
we have more experts but yet more problems
we have more medicines but less wellness
we multiplied our positions but reduced our values
we talk too much , drive too fast , stay up too late, getup too tired, we have reached moon and back to earth but trouble crossing a road to meet a neighbour,
we have conquered outer space but not inner space
we have done larger things but not better
we have learnt to rush but not to wait
we have fast food but slow digestion
a big men but small character
too many young couple but more divorces
more entertainment but less happiness

MASLOW’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Matthieu Ricard’s Quote

A French Scientist, who turned as tibetan monk

We all tried consciously or unconsciously, competently or clumsily , Passionately or calmly, adventurously or routinely to be Happier, Yet we more often confuse the genuine happiness with merely seeking enjoyable sensation. Happiness is state of inner fulfilment but not the gratification of inexhaustible desire for outer things. This is traditional wisdom.

Kabir Das Said it beautifully in 15th century in one of his famous doha as

कस्तूरी कुंडल बसे,मृग ढूँढत बन माही। ज्योज्यो घट– घट राम है,दुनिया देखें नाही ।।

Listen to this nice video by Prof. Devdas Menon, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras