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Mobile Application for PU students
Mobile Application for PU students
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Android Mobile Application for 10+ students


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International Yoga Day : India is witnessing great change

International Yoga Day : India is witnessing great change

Today is International Yoga day. By the way what do we think of Yoga ? How can one define Yoga ? What are the key benefits of doing yoga ? Please read What Is Yoga to understand Yoga as described by Patanjali. Today is the first ever International Yoga Day and 21st June is the Yoga day. There are overall 50 nations all around the world including china, US, back Narendra Modi’s call to celebrate 21st June as International Yoga Day. 

Why 21st June As International Yoga Day?

The first yoga practitioner (Adi Yogi) is said to have begun imparting the knowledge of yoga to the rest of mankind on this day and became the first guru (Adi Guru) (Wiki) and from the perspective of yoga, the Summer Solstice marks the transition to Dakshinayana, the first full moon after summer is the lengthiest day.

Let me explain few asanas 

Sarvangasana – Mother of all asanas

Let me start with Sarvangasana , One asana which takes care of entire body, those who practice Sarvangasana daily will feel young and energetic always. Like how mother strives for harmony and happiness in the home, Sarvangasana strives harmony and happiness in human body.



  • There are several endocrine organs or ductless glands in the human system which bathe in blood , absorbs the nutrients from the blood and secrete harmones for proper functioning of balanced and well developed body and brain 
    Many asana have direct effect on the glands , Sarvangasana take care of thyroid and parathyroid glands 
  •  Venous blood flow to the heart without any strain due to gravity helps for Healthy blood circulation around neck and chest.  As a result person suffering from breathlessness , palpitation, asthma, bronchitis, throat ailmens get relief.
  • Nerves will be soothed and headaches even chronic ones disappear 
  •  Continuous practice will eradicates common colds and other nasal disturbances 
  •  Those suffering from hyper tension , nervous breakdown, insomnia are relieved 
  • Bowels moves freely and constipation vanishes , as a result the system frees from toxins and feels highly energetic 
  • Recommended for urinary disorder an uterine displacements, menustrual trouble , piles and hernia 
  • It helps to reveal epilepsy low vitality and anaemia 
    If a person practices sarvanagasana daily will feel new vigour and strength and will be happy and confident 
  •  It activates the abdominal organs and relieves people suffering from ulcers

More Asanas –

1. Vajrasana : Start your daily Yoga with this asana, this is the only asana which you can do after having food also.


Benefits :

  • Calms the mind
  • Brings strength in back
  • Improves digestion and removes constipation
  • Good for urinary problems
  • Increases sexual organs
  • Good for digestive organs

2.  Vrksasana



  • Tones the legs muscles
  • Brings strength in legs 
  • Improves concentration – Very very good for concentration

3. Utthita Trikonasana

uttitha trikonasana
uttitha trikonasana


  • Tones up legs muscles and removes stiffness in legs
  • removes stiffness in hips and reduces fat around hips
  • Corrects minor deformity in legs and allows them to develop evenly
  • Relieves backaches and neck sprains
  • Strengthen the ankles and develops the chest

4. Parivrtta Trikonasana

Parivrtta Trikonasana
Parivrtta Trikonasana


  • Tones the thigh, Calf and hamstring muscles
  • The spine and muscles of the back gains strength and function properly
  • Increases the blood supply around lower part of spinal region and hence functions normally
  • Relieves pain in the back, viggorates the abdominal organs and strengthens the hip muscles

5. Virabhadrasana I

Virabhadrasana I
Virabhadrasana I


  • In this pose chest is fully expanded and helps deep breathing
  • Relieves stiffness in shoulders and back
  • tones up the ankles and knees and cures stiffness of the neck
  • Reduces fat round the hips

 6. Salabhasana



  • The pose aids digestion and relieves gastric troubles and flatulence 
  • Spine is stretched back it becomes elastic
  • Relieves pain in the sacral and lumbar regions 
  • Persons suffering from slipped discs will be benefited more
  • Bladder and the prostate glands also benefited 

7. Maha Mudra – Very powerful Asana should not be practices without a Guru

Maha Mudra
Maha Mudra


  • Tones up abdominal organs
  • Very good for kidneys and adrenal glands
  • Women suffering from prolapsed womb find relief as it pulls the womb up.
  • Person suffering from spleen alignment and from enlargement of the prostate gland will be benefited

Maha mudra destroys the death and many other pains. There is nothing that one cannot eat or has to avoid. All foods regardless of taste and even when deadly poisonous is digested. He who practises Mahamudra, overcomes consumption, leprosy, piles, enlargement of spleen, indigestion.

Thank You Modi Ji : We love you…

~~~ Celebrate International Yoga Day ~~~

        Happy International Yoga Day

Learn Yoga : Books recommended to become master in Yoga

1. Light on Yoga by B K S Iyengar 

Light on Yoga
Light on Yoga

2. Light on Pranayama 

Light on Pranayama
Light on Pranayama

Controversies Over International Yoga Day

It is sad to hear that people giving religious touch to Yoga and finally decided to leave Suryanamaskar one of the powerful Asana. Those who are arguing as India is accused of pushing ‘Hindu agenda’ on Muslims. Please grow-up.

Future Of Technology : Imagine the future

Future Of Technology : Imagine the future

Where we are heading ? What will be the future ? The whole world is evolving just due to few big elephants, yeah Google,Apple,Facebook and Microsoft. Thousands of companies every day emerging out and directly or indirectly these big elephants are source for all these evolution in technology, they are changing the world.

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We have seen great inventions happened in last decade, Everything which was there upon the table now came to your finger tips, you can speak to your mobile and yeah it responds you back nicely. Apple Siri changed the way of communication with its touch interface in iPhone and voice interface in Siri, google now and microsoft’s Cortana.

Microsoft took one step ahead with its Hologram that is one of the awesome idea, but how much that would be complete we have to see only when we get it in use. Google’s self driving car and now Apple in the same line.

What else ??

An Era of Adopting to Technology

This is very old story now, 5 years before people use to say we should adopt technology, use technology and grow your business, use technology and optimise your tasks, use technology schedule your duty oh what not? It became big problem for old generation who never understood how to use computers and how to learn to use applications etc.

Observing closely the recent evolution in technology proves that, that era has gone now, it is taking a new shape and evolving even more sophisticatedly and smartly. then What we could expect out it ?

An Era of Technology being adopted to humans

Does’t it looks funny ? or does it make any sense ? yes of course it makes sense. Softwares are becoming smart with the intelligent algorithms, devices are becoming smarter with ultimate sensors, It is not just your touch, it is not just your voice now your movements and pattern are being analysed by algorithms and your device decides what to do next ! Google Search becoming clever every day it can understand the context you are working and you can query as if you are speaking to some one. Apple announced latest OS, the main focus is to make their device intelligent, It understands where you are, it understands what you are looking for it suggests you.

Operating systems are becoming smarter day by day, the data you are going to access are local more native centric, machines knew what you want, they understand you better than any one else 🙂

Future Is In Artificial intelligence ?

Looks like These big elephants are creating market for it, Apple’s HomeKit and google’s Brillo making every object you are using at home connected, your every device may start understanding what you are and they serve you what exactly you want and when exactly you want.

You home lock is connected to you phone, your kitchen is fully under your control, your lights will get on as you enter and off as you are leaving the room, algorithms understand your behaviour by analysing the data collected and will suggest you which food you can have now, they alerts you when you are eating high calorie food because your weight is under control since you started Yoga 🙂


Future Of Robotics !

So far robots were made for space missions, for military and for research areas but its the time to have a robot for your personal assistance everything what a human can do, now machines can do much better than him, Robotics in home appliances will be popular soon. Google is investing in robotics not only this much there are Top 10 Robotics companies which are expected to change the future of robotics.


Automation Industry

Thanks to ipv6, you can generate as many ip addresses using ipv6 where you can automate each and every device of every home in the world, Thanks to the concept of Internet Of Things where every device is connected to cloud directly, google’s Brillo is an example for IoT. You automate everything, control everything just using your smart phone, yeah really smart phone 🙂

Future Of Technology ?

One can imagine now what would be the future of Technology, Everything is connected, Everything under your control, Everything is automated, Everything is smart and intelligent, Everything just in front of your door. Rather than asking what you want, now your devices, your softwares will say what you need 🙂


Imagine the Future !

Companies investing heavily to make your life simpler, but we are really neglecting the mother nature, we are really forgetting environmental issues, our soil is polluted due to waste gadgets, chemicals etc our air is polluted, oceans are polluted. globalisation bringing more and more problems to us. We should really encourage and appreciate the use of renewable energy sources and make our future even better.

Use of solar panel for you mobile to charge, use of solar power to make ur robot work at home, use of intelligent architecture to cool your home/office, what else can be done ? just invent anything keeping environment in mind.

Enjoy the future because you have no work to do, you will be the laziest animal on this planet 🙂