Why We Should Vote BJP Once Again in 2024? Part 8 – Direct Benefit Transfer

Why we should Elect BJP once again in Bharat ? Is it Just a Godi Media confusing voters ? or whether Naredra Modi Lead Gov is really making some difference in country? Whether Bharat is really progressing?

Let us dive into some FACTS ? I want readers to take final decision to vote for BJP or not, my idea was just put some real facts infront of people

What are the Achievements of Narendra Modi Government in last 10+ years?

8. Direct Benefit Transfer

This is another incredible achievement of Modi lead BJP government. Under Direct Benefit Transfer for various government schemes people have received the amount directly into their account. This was possible due to Jan Dhan Yojana of Government under which more than 40cr people have created Bank Account. Direct benefit transfer directly or indirectly reduces bribe at great extent, because there is no middle man sitting who is responsible to give money to the beneficiary.

4,48,219 Cr direct transfer under DBT

411 Cr total number of of transactions under DBT

314 schemes under 52 ministry have benefited under DBT

Estimated benefits / gains from DBT ₹ 2,73,093 Cr

Proof for above Data: Department of Cabinet Secretariat

RTI Application:

RTI Data Received

As per RTI all required data is given in https://dbtbharat.gov.in/

10 Reason why Modi lead BJP should come to power in 2024

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