Innovative ideas on Internet Of Things(IOT)

How innovative ideas on Internet Of Things(IOT) Will change the future

This is an era of IOT, your applications, your gadgets and your vehicles are becoming smarter. Almost every tiniest device you own today is connected to cloud. Already several open source frameworks, operating systems, hardware devices have been evolved to support IOT, It is you who should have an idea and change the future by getting your idea into reality.

No doubt that IOT is gonna change our life style, Several big companies already working on big ideas, SAP is building up their team on IOT, google releasing an OS for IOT, apple already given a hint that they will focus on IOT.


So let me list out some cool IOT ideas which , these are surely pioneering ideas on Internet of Things. Now we shall call it as Internet Of Everything.

5 Innovative Ideas on IOT

3) Analyzing your Food habits and alerting you for dangerous health issues


Definitely if any such innovations happen which makes human life better is really appreciable, what if a sensor collects data on what you eat and collects data on all the changes happening to your body after every kind of food intake. Next time when you go for the same food, your smart phone alerts you about the dangerous health issues which may occur if you eat this food item regularly.

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