Types of Mobile App Testing:

Usability testing : To make sure that the mobile app is easy to use and provides a satisfactory user experience to the customers.

Compatibility testing: Testing of the application in different mobiles devices, browsers, screen sizes and OS versions according to the requirements.

Interface testing: Testing of menu options, buttons, bookmarks, history, settings, and navigation flow of the application.

Services testing: Testing the services of the application online and offline.

Low level resource testing: Testing of memory usage, auto deletion of temporary files, local database growing issues known as low level resource testing.

Performance testing : Testing the performance of the application by changing the connection from 2G, 3G to WIFI, sharing the documents, battery consumption, etc.

Operational testing: Testing of backups and recovery plan if battery goes down, or data loss while upgrading the application from store.

Installation tests : Validation of the application by installing /uninstalling it on the devices.

Security Testing : Testing an application to validate if the information system protects data or not.

Things to consider while testing a mobile application

The basic roadmap to testing involves testing in the following order:
• Does your application install properly on all devices?
• Can your application be uninstalled without any error?

• How does your application behave when there is no network or poor network?

• Is your applications logo, name, splash screen, etc. properly displayed?

• Does your application start and restart quickly?

• Is your application affecting the performance of the device or other applications?

• Can your application be exited from exit modes such as End key or Exit options etc.?

• Can the user receive a call / SMS notification when the application is running?

• Does the application hang or crash after a phone call / SMS notification?

• Does your application notify about low battery?

• Is your graphical user interface (GUI) including color scheme, theme, menu, font color font style etc. as they should be on all devices/browsers?

• Is your application posing security risks?

• What is the data consumption? If the application consumes too much data, it may drain the data plan of the customer causing him/her to make more payments to their Service provider.


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