Innovative ideas on Internet Of Things(IOT)

How innovative ideas on Internet Of Things(IOT) Will change the future

This is an era of IOT, your applications, your gadgets and your vehicles are becoming smarter. Almost every tiniest device you own today is connected to cloud. Already several open source frameworks, operating systems, hardware devices have been evolved to support IOT, It is you who should have an idea and change the future by getting your idea into reality.

No doubt that IOT is gonna change our life style, Several big companies already working on big ideas, SAP is building up their team on IOT, google releasing an OS for IOT, apple already given a hint that they will focus on IOT.


So let me list out some cool IOT ideas which , these are surely pioneering ideas on Internet of Things. Now we shall call it as Internet Of Everything.

5 Innovative Ideas on Internet Of Things(IOT)

  1. An eco system that helps to adopt your daily life as per the need.

    Assume that you are very busy person, who is handling a so many things every day, you are traveling daily several places, you are almost forgetting yourself.

You may forget to drink enough water, you may forget to nap for a while, you were continuously sitting in an air condition room and keeping yourself away from natural air and sun light, you are driving you car every day and might miss some important meetings due to traffic but you could have made it, if you go by your bike.

a) Assume that your shirt has a sensor which will sense your body temperature and collects data every minute. Based on the data collected your smart phone suggest you when to drink water and how much to drink.

Your vehicle air conditioning system automatically adjusts the temperature by considering your current body temperature.



b)  The sensor in your shirt collected enough data and suggests you, whether to use Car or Bike, when your body is too much exposed to air conditioning rooms and car, your body might need enough natural air and sun light.

These days they are called as health sensing cloths.


c) You smartphone suggests you to take bike rather than car, because the calendar event says that you have to be at the right time today for meeting and the current traffic data says if you go by Car, you will reach an hour late.

d) The data collected several months shows the pollution level in different area of the city, the app will suggest you to take different routes when you go by bike.