Solar powered Smartphones : Solar thin plate at back of the smartphone

Solar powered Smartphones : Solar thin plate at back of the smartphone

What will be the impact on environment due to usage of smart phones ? how much energy they consume ? this might look silly because after all a smartphone how much it can consume ?

fine let us analyse the data …

How much electricity your Gadgets use ?

An iPhone 6 plus battery spec is 2915 mAh battery (11.1 Wh), for your information 1Wh is a unit of energy equivalent to one watt (1 W) of power expended for one hour (1 h) of time.1 Wh represents 3600 joules of energy. Your iPhone uses 11.1Wh, now assuming you will charge your phone every day, so it means every year your phone consumes 4000Wh of energy per year.

now think about number of iPhone users , yeah here is the stats. Apple sold a whopping 74.4 million iPhones over the 90 day period. Which means 74400000 iPhones ( assuming all are iPhone 6 plus ). So the total amount of energy will be 1,97,60,00,00,000Wh.

A CFL bulb uses 767KWh per year, now converting 1,97,60,00,00,000Wh. to KWh gives us 29,76,00,000Wh

so using this much power we can use 389CFL bulbs for a year. Wait I am just considering iPhone 6 here.

We have Micromax,Samasung Galaxy series, HTC, Motorola etc. 

Now let us take a look into total number of mobile phones used in the world 🙂


Total number of mobiles in the world
Total number of mobiles in the world


Its a huge number – so energy being used ???

Why it is necessary to think about Solar Powered Smart phones ?

Considering the above stats it is really a good idea to think about keeping a solar plate attached to the back of your smart phone and completely avoid using electricity for charging. If you start using 3G you have charge your phone atleast two times in a day,  playing videos and games at least three-four times you have to charge in a day.

Let us look into few more stats – The below data is almost 3-4 years old 

61% of smart phone subscriptions, 4221 Mega joules of energy which is equivalent to 32gallons of Gas and emits 112Kgs of CO2.

Transferring 1GBit of data over 3G network will use 933 Mega joules of energy, If every one left their cell phone charger plugged It would waste electricity enough to power 28000 homes.

Reference :

Finally at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a prototype has been shown that uses a display as solar panel to charge the battery.

Solar powered smartphone screen
Solar powered smartphone screen