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Java Jar files and Uses

JAR:  aopalliance-repackaged-2.2.0.jar 

Usage: aop alliance will be internally used by

Note : Google Guice Core is a powerful library released by Google for dependency injection, this works with java 6 and above ( download )

JAR:  apache-mime4j-0.6.jar

Usage: apache mime will be used for mime message parsing. This jar internally used by 

  • commons-io
  • commons-logging
  • junit like testing libraries
  • log4j 

JAR : commons-io

Usage – commons io provides utility classes, stream implementations, file filters,file comparators, endian transformation classes

JAR : asm-3.3.jar

Usage : asm jar will be used to analyse the byte code and analyse the frameworks

Note: asm is used by certain code generation libraries like cglib

JAR : gson-2.3.jar 

Usage : gson used to convert java objects into json object. Can be used in struts and springs to convert java objects. ( Documentation )

 JAR : persistence-api-1.0.jar

 Usage : The Java Persistence API provides Java developers with an object/relational mapping facility for managing relational data in Java applications

Dependencies :

  • Servlet-API
  • Javax.inject 

JAR : hk2-api-2.2.0.jar 

Usage : This is called hundred kilobyte kernal for glassfish server, It forma the core glassfish server architecture


Hibernate NoSuchBeanDefinitionException : Java Hibernate Exception

Hibernate NoSuchBeanDefinitionException : Java Hibernate Exception

Caused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No matching bean of type [com.cess.service.Employee.EmployeeService] found for dependency: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate for this dependency. Dependency annotations: {@org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired(required=true), @org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Qualifier(value=EmployeeServiceImpl)} at at at at org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.AutowiredAnnotationBeanPostProcessor$AutowiredFieldElement.inject( … 25 more

Solution – 

This issue is a strange issue in hibernate autowire for bean objects, the solution will be as follows but no technical description why so ? 🙂

EmployeeService employeeService;  //EmployeeService is an interface


Change the above @Qualifier as below 

Note : the only change is instead of capital E in EmployeeServiceImpl, it should be small 'e' employeeServiceImpl
If it is reverse case then do make it Capital .