simple steps towards saving water

simple steps towards saving water

I am not going to tell again Water is precious, We have to save water ! I am not going to tell again Importance of water and why we have to save water ! Because since my childhood and ofcourse you too, listening all these and thats nothing new for us.

I am writing this article just to share about a simple experiment we did at our home and a simple analysis based on the data we collected. Now it is upto the reader whether to follow it or not because you know the importance of water and you all know that what you are doing is wrong and you are leaving nothing to your kids.

Few months back we stopped using washing machine and we started using a small hand held machine to wash our cloths. one fine day I realised something very important, that is when we were using washing machine we were wasting lot of water, because all these modern washing machines will consume too much water and we do not re-use that water. Since we started using small hand held machine these days we realised how much water we are saving using this machine and we started re-using the water after washing the cloths.

after doing it for few days  we thought to collect the data so that we can do some simple calculations and do some analysis on it. The analysis gave us an astonishing result, so thought to share with all of you.

Here is what we did :

1.we stopped using washing machine which consumes too much amount of water


2. we started using small hand held washing machine which consumes very minimum amount of water


3. finally re-using the water after washing the cloths


These are the simple steps we followed to save enough water. How much water we can save if we all together join hands ? Let us come to the analysis part.

Some data we collected for the period of 30 days

So the above table shows how much buckets of water we are using for washing the cloths and re-using the same water. total for around 30 days we re-used 264 liters of water.

Now considering certain data which helps us to do some calculations 

  1. Average amount of water consumed by any modern washing machine = 170.3 liters per load
  2. Average amount of water used by flush in toilets = 4 liters
  3. Some important data regarding Bengaluru water supply – 

    Bengaluru Water supply
    Bengaluru Water supply

Keeping above data for reference we did some simple calculations as follows

Converting all the data for a month.

170.3 ltr per load in washing machine -> So per month even if we use 10 times = 1700 liters ( assuming in a family of 3-4 people we use atleast 10 times in a month)

4 liters per flush and if we use 6 times per day then 24 liters per day and 744 liters per month ( assuming we use toilet flush at least 6 times in a day )

So total per month both washing machine and toilet flush together it consumes 2500 liters of water

Now here we are just using 264 liters of water for waching cloths and we are re-using the water after washing cloths which means we are able to manage both washing cloths and toilet with just 264 liters of water.

That means almost 90% of total consumption is optimised, means 2300 liters water is saved or reused per month.

2300 liters of water saved per month 

Let us calculate it for 12 months -> 2300 x 12 = 27600 liters

Now considering another stats 8.5 million people served daily in Banglore 

If all 8.5 million people save water as suggested above, we can save 8.5 * 2300 = 19550 ML 

Another stats given is 1350MLD water served in Bengaluru daily

so now

total_water_saved_by_8.5M_people / water_served_per_day_in_Bengaluru

19550ML/1350ML = 14.48

which means if all 8.5M people together save 19550ML of water then we can serve these 8.5M people for extra 14.48 days.