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AirBnB ReactJS front-end Performance Fixes

React Performance Fixes on Airbnb Listing Pages, AirBnb worked hard to improve performance of their listing pages, Thanks to their TechBlog which has covered extensive, detailed explanation regarding how they have improved the performance

Reference Link: React Performance Fixes on Airbnb Listing Pages

System Design Resources

System design is a key to any highly scalable, Large scale Softwares, which deals with Entire System Architecture that focus on Performance, scalability, security, stability of the system. Here are few important resource references

Facebook Video Broadcasting: under-the-hood-broadcasting-live-video-to-millions

Netflix Video Encoding at Scale: high-quality-video-encoding-at-scale

Netflix Workflow Orchestration for Microservices: Netflix-Conductor

Practical System Design

YouTube Architecture: youtube-architecture

YouTube scalability 2012: Youtube-Scalability

Distributed Design Patterns: Scalable-system-design-patterns

Circuit Breaker Algorithm: Handling failures in Backend to Backend calls

Uber Rate Limiter: RateLimit

Intra-Service Messaging

AirBnb Idempotency: avoiding-double-payments-in-a-distributed-payments-system

And Many more useful resources are given in below github link

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