Why We Should Vote BJP Once Again in 2024? Part 6 – Oil bonds repayment

Why we should Elect BJP once again in Bharat ? Is it Just a Godi Media confusing voters ? or whether Naredra Modi Lead Gov is really making some difference in country? Whether Bharat is really progressing?

Let us dive into some FACTS ? I want readers to take final decision to vote for BJP or not, my idea was just put some real facts infront of people

What are the Achievements of Narendra Modi Government in last 10+ years?

6. Repayment + interest has been paid on oil bonds

One of the most criticised factor during Modi Government is petrol price hike, I do agree that it has increased a lot, no matter what genuine reasons do we give like Covid waves has disturbed entire world market, Russia-Ukrain has disturbed the market. People won’t accept all these reasons.

Petrol price has increased across globe, not just Bharat alone. But Bharat government has done something very remarkable in this aspect which many people doesn’t aware of it. Let us see what Modi government has done ?

1,22,181 Crores of (repayment + interest) has been paid on oil bonds from 2014 to 2022

Thats huge amount. This is like repaying the loan taken, isn’t it removing a huge burden on people? As per RTI previous governments have issued oil bonds worth 1,70,518 crores from 1997-98 to 2009-10 time frame

Proof for above Data: RTI documents sent by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

10 Reason why Modi lead BJP should come to power in 2024

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