Father Of Mass Market GPS : Sanjai Kohli

Father Of Mass Market GPS : Sanjai Kohli

You definitely might have used Google Maps, Whatsapp location sharing feature and any other location sharing mobile application, yeah definitely its a cool feature in smart phones and hence they are so called smart ? 🙂

but there is a man behind these popular GPS enabled devices who made it , Sanjai Kohli an Indian who worked on Mass Market GPS system, he is called as Father Of Mass Market GPS.

US Defense and Work on GPS

Sanjai started working in aerospace companies after completing his masters in US, during that time he was assigned a task where he suppose to add intelligence in bombs dropped from planes, in 1980’s 90 % of the bombs hit the unintended targets, Sanjai worked on a guided GPS systems, He and his team successfully completed the assigned task and all the US military weapons used the technology.

Sanjai Kohli
Sanjai Kohli

in 1993 GPS was being used in Tokyo to navigate in Cars, but because of many issues they never use to work properly, Sanjai started working on it and to make it commercialize. He setup a company SiRF by seeing the great opportunities, they reinvented the signal processing physics to reduce the cost and size.and increase power, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of signal processing/communication equipment to reside in a single silicon chip. The chip was 200 times more capable than those used in the Japanese cars and was available at a fraction of the cost.” with SiRF. And the rest as they say is history. By 2006, 80% of GPS devices ran on SiRF chips. At its peak SiRF had a market capitalization of $3 billion.

With his great work, Kohli has been short-listed for the European Inventor Award (to be announced on April 28) instituted by the European Patent Office and the European Commission.

Sanjay Kohli has two patents

1. Multipath processing for GPS receivers  http://www.google.co.in/patents/US20030165186

A GPS receiver system determines the presence of trackable signals at code delays less than the prompt delay being tracked for a particular signal and changes the prompt delay to correspond to the smallest code delay having a trackable signal. Trackable signals at large code delays are multipath signals and may be separately tracked to aid in dead reckoning. The trackable signals at code delays not adjacent to the current tracked prompt delay may be tracked in the same channel as the prompt delay so that all satellite channels are continuously evaluated for multipath signals being tracked or a non-satellite specific channel may be used to sequentially step through the satellite signals to evaluate multipath on a satellite by satellite basis.
2. GPS Car navigation System https://www.google.com/patents/US6041280
A GPS car navigation system derives GPS position update information from motion of the car along the actual track. Turns along the track are detected when they actually occur and are compared with the predicted turns so that the time and position at the actual turn can be used to update the then current GPS derived position of the vehicle. Updating position information with actual turn data improves the accuracy of GPS navigation especially during single satellite navigation.

Sanjai Kohli – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjai-kohli-8a39baa


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