React-native linking error while upgrading @react-native-firebase/app for use_frameworks podfile configuration

While upgrading react-native-firebase from version 5.x to latest version 17.x, there are some breaking changes done, we have to follow firebase documentation to upgrade to latest version.

While upgrading getting linking errors after following firebase configuration steps given in their documentation

Error: react native fbsdk Showing Recent Messages Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_RCTComponentEvent

Basically this error is coming because of changes done in podfile as given in firebase documentation a specific step mentioned as Altering CocoaPods to use frameworks

in this step it was mentioned that, Beginning with firebase-ios-sdk v9+ (react-native-firebase v15+) you must tell CocoaPods to use frameworks. Open the file ./ios/Podfile and add this line inside your targets:


but by doing above changes, it start affecting to many other libraries and started getting errors mentioned above.

Fix for the linking error

remove use_frameworks! from podfile targets section, instead add below lines in your pod file before your target in pod file

pod 'Firebase', :modular_headers => true
pod 'FirebaseCoreInternal', :modular_headers => true
pod 'GoogleUtilities', :modular_headers => true

Basically we are setting modular headers only for firebase not for all solutions is given in this stack over flow post

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