Volunteering Opportunities for COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has made our life miserable, almost every country is facing hardship due to corona virus. Corona Warriors like doctors, nurses and many millions of social workers are helping us to save us from Corona.

This is the time where everyone has to serve the society to help people and to stop pandemic. There are several Non-Profits working towards this goal. You can find several volunteering opportunities in a Social Service Marketplace called SociallyGood, a trusted platform for Social Service Sector. Here are some of the volunteering opportunities for COVID-19

Some of the trending campaigns which may help you to serve the society are here

Volunteering Campaigns for COVID-19

People are getting frustrated, depressed and feeling lonely during the lockdown due to COVID-19, there are many ways to help people for mental health support during COVID-19

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Food distribution to Migrant workers during COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 : corona virus epidemic, What one can do to stop it?

The world has hit badly by an invisible tiny virus who is shaking the entire scientific, medical community and challenging to save the lives. Corona virus is not that critical if every one takes some simple precautions but as usual we did mistakes, we neglected and hence paying for it and struggling to escape from it.

Coronavirus is spreading very fast, its an exponential way, person to person through different medium and hence an extreme precautions has to be taken to stop it

Social Distancing:

A simple technique can save our life and save your family, social distancing. Virus can spread through person to person when a infected person cough, spit, sneezes.

It will also spread through some surfaces when an infected person touch any metal surface, cardboard, plastic the virus can survive several hours on the surface and some one else touch the same surface it will transfer to his body.

Look at the below animated view which helps us to understand how social distancing helps us to stop coronavirus spread drastically

Is’t it a simple solution ? but we are failing follow.

“By our most conservative estimate, at least 59% of the infected individuals were out and about, without being tested and potentially infecting others,” says lead study author Prof. Wu Tangchun. Reference

What you should not do ?


  1. Parties, functions
  2. Smoking
  3. Avoid taking tablets on your own for fever , cold or headache.
  4. touching your eyes, nose and mouth without washing it properly with soap and water or sanitisers

Social Warriors and NGOs working for Covid-19

There are lot of NGOs, social warriors working for coronavirus epidemic to stop it, lot of awareness programs running for COVID-19, lot of donations are being raised by many organisations to help the needy people in this lockdown situation almost everywhere in the world

Awareness Programs Run by SociallyGood Platform through some of the organisations

Awareness Campaign For Pandemic COVID-19

Awareness program by Sewa USA :

Coronavirus-(COVID-19) Awareness Program

Donate for Covid-19 epidemic

Donation Campaigns run by SociallyGood Platform through some of the organisations

Groceries to daily wage workers in view of outbreak of COVID-19

Support to Fight COVID-19

know more about COVID-19 through SociallyGood Platform

COVID-19 Campaigns on SociallyGood Platform

Let us stop Coronavirus by following the protocol

  1. Lockdown : Be at home, do not go out without the real need
  2. Social Distancing: Keep distance between people
  3. Be wise not panic
  4. Improve your health by doing simple physical work like yoga

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