Volunteering Opportunities for COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has made our life miserable, almost every country is facing hardship due to corona virus. Corona Warriors like doctors, nurses and many millions of social workers are helping us to save us from Corona.

This is the time where everyone has to serve the society to help people and to stop pandemic. There are several Non-Profits working towards this goal. You can find several volunteering opportunities in a Social Service Marketplace called SociallyGood, a trusted platform for Social Service Sector. Here are some of the volunteering opportunities for COVID-19

Some of the trending campaigns which may help you to serve the society are here

Volunteering Campaigns for COVID-19

People are getting frustrated, depressed and feeling lonely during the lockdown due to COVID-19, there are many ways to help people for mental health support during COVID-19

Click here to work for this cause

Food distribution to Migrant workers during COVID-19 Pandemic

Click here to donate for COVID-19

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