Google announced, no forced Google Plus ( Google+) subscriptions

Google announced, no forced Google Plus ( Google+) subscriptions

Interestingly Google announced that It is stopping forced subscription for google plus, Google plus was launched four years ago in 2011. Google+ initially was very promising, number of subscriptions were more compared to Facebook. The user base growth was good enough compared to Facebook.

However the stats says a lot and the reason google deciding to say goodbye.

Google plus Vs Facebook users

Google plus vs facebook
Google plus vs facebook

This is interesting fact… but how many active users ?

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The active users of Google plus are just 35%

google plus active users
google plus active users

For example, in 2015 only 4 to 6 million users have made any public posts

Facebook has shown healthy stats : only 7% of the 2,449 registered Facebook users surveyed say that they are not active. Facebook has reached 1.44 billion active users monthly.

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An analyst , Anderson studies data compiled by Edward Morbius, who says that just 9% of its 2.2 billion users actively post public content.

The complete stats on all social media platforms is available here

So google is stopping their users to subscribe forcefully for google plus. so Google plus and youtube are finally splitting up. It is interesting to see google like company taking interesting moves. But It is really good move by google, they have many things to focus for the future.


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