Innovative ideas on Internet Of Things(IOT)

How innovative ideas on Internet Of Things(IOT) Will change the future

This is an era of IOT, your applications, your gadgets and your vehicles are becoming smarter. Almost every tiniest device you own today is connected to cloud. Already several open source frameworks, operating systems, hardware devices have been evolved to support IOT, It is you who should have an idea and change the future by getting your idea into reality.

No doubt that IOT is gonna change our life style, Several big companies already working on big ideas, SAP is building up their team on IOT, google releasing an OS for IOT, apple already given a hint that they will focus on IOT.


So let me list out some cool IOT ideas which , these are surely pioneering ideas on Internet of Things. Now we shall call it as Internet Of Everything.

5 Innovative Ideas on IOT

2) A decisive solution for courts

hearings in court, managing huge set of data of all kind, referring to exact similar cases for giving better decision were all very complex tasks and always a challenging tasks for judges to declare a very accurate decision on any case. Technology has evolved so much that any complicated problem will be solved at a very less period of time.

How an IOT may help to improve the process of courts and how it helps judges and lawyers?

Every courtroom is connected to the cloud with the help of cameras and sound recording systems. Everything will be recorded and automatically converted to transcript. the converted transcript will be analyzed and compared with several similar cases and necessary data and suggestions will be given to judges to finalize the decision.


Court and IOT
Court and IOT

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