Highly Advanced Aliens Created US

Highly Advanced Aliens Created US

Imagine the world around you, the planet you are living on, your every relation, sentiments, everything you touch, you feel and everything you see around you is just a space created by some one ? Oh yeah you can call him as God, but scientists say a different story 🙂

Ofcourse not a god but what if it is an alien ? aliens programmed and created everything ? Assume that highly advanced aliens running a huge code using highly advanced super computers and we are living in such a hologram.

Alien created world
Alien created world

You can’t argue with me on this, you can’t just say this is all just imagination because I am completely against you 🙂 I argue that it may be possible. Ofcourse I am open for any discussion, but before raising your question answer yourself for my question – ” If Humans can go to space and create space station where any one can live, then why can’t this is not possible” ? . “If a scientist like Stephen Hawking speaks, small electric pulse can activate human memory cells” then if a computer program can read your brain cells it can also simulate something like life on planet !

Anything is possible you can use optical physics and play with rays of light and make you feel falling down, you can make some one feel sleepy with your illusive act, then it means you can control some one with some action.


Think about it 🙂

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