8 Ways the Internet Of Things (IOT) will change the way you live

8 Ways the Internet Of Things (IOT) will change the way you live

The way technology is changing it looks like you no need to worry about anything, your every device will worry about you and will take care of you. The era of Humans control devices is over now, It changed to Devices control humans 🙂 . Before going further on this article, let us first see why Big companies creating business over IOT, so many Internet of things projects going on in market. Companies are forced to adopt new protocol since Internet of things became popular. 

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It is an era of Devices Control Humans :

9 Ways the Internet Of Things will change the way you live, there are 9 key areas Everything is connected to your internet now. By the way what are these things? Things are objects you use your shoes to your dress, your office chair to your office vehicle, those tiny measuring instruments at your factory to huge machines , anything and everything.

It is just a service to connect your physical objects to digital entities and bringing intelligence in your device.

1. Smart Home and Office

Smart Home
Smart Home

A device which text you when someone rings your (wireless) doorbell; turn on the light by talking to Siri; tweet at you when your water tap is on and water is waiting in your kitchen; or, when motion is detected in your lawn, take a photo from your webcam and upload it to Dropbox.

Lock/unlock your door from anywhere just by tapping a button in your smart phone, this is not a great thing but where Internet of things will come into picture? Assume that you will be coming to your home daily at 6PM? almost 25 days you will come around 6PM in a month? but some times you may come home early due to you 1st shift in work? all these data will be stored in server and analysed. You device will become clever, intelligent by analysing the data. By chance if some one hack your device and opens the door, you device can predict some one unlocked at an odd time, and will notify you immediately. ” Hey ! it looks like you came home early ? if not respond me quickly it is not your usual time of coming home early, your not into 1st shift also. Looks like I am hacked 🙂 please respond…”

Internet of Things now built in your kitchen, connected objects to smarten up your home, Smart home security,

Temperature control at your home ?

Nest Thermostat
Nest Thermostat

Your kids are at door steps, you are still at your office. Ofcourse you can see your kids standing infront of your home using your Internet Of Things connected smart lock. You unlock your door and set room temperature which is suitable to your kids.

Over several days, your thermostat system learn that your kids prefer what temperature and your grand ma prefer which temperature. next time when your kids come home thermostat will automatically sense it ( your do software update over internet) and will adjust the temperature.

Lights controlled at your office, you no need to use ID tags now at office, work space door will open as you go near.

Facts says that smart-home market could grow to $60 billion by 2020.

Artificial Intelligence helps to achieve all these smart devices : See how Artificial intelligence helps Facebook

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2. Transportation

Your vehicles now are automated, you come near to your vehicle in parking slot, it automatically take reverse and will come just infront of you.

They analyse the traffic data collected over the period of time, will change the route by considering google maps data, history and will decide which route to take today. An urban planner should change and adopt technology and an urban planner should look smart for this internet age.

Your trains will suggest you to change the schedule by analysing peak times, by analysing people’s preferred timings or by analysing traffic data from maps

3. Smart Cities

Your traffic signals will change the timings by analysing traffic data collected or waiting time of people at signals. In Banglore traffic there are so many signals where people simply wait long even though no much traffic, no more such mistakes.

You are near to a shopping mall ? and there is an offer on your favourite branded shirt ? Internet Of Things will make you aware of that, you will never miss that offer 🙂

The street lights will turn on only when people/vehicle approaches near, smart LED lights can be used for this.

Smart LED streetlights in San Diego turn on only when a pedestrian or vehicle approaches—the city recently replaced 3,000 old streetlamps with sensor-equipped ones to save an estimated $250,000 a year.

Your garbage cans are now solar powered and will crush the garbage, will dispatch it to public garbage collector system, they will become smarter they analyse what kind of materials you use, which is good for what by analysing data collected through IOT and will separate out items and learn to segregate by itself 🙂

Real time example ? Philly (Philly is an informal name for Philadelphia, a major city in Pennsylvania) has been able to reduce the number of weekly garbage-collecting shifts from 17 to just three, and realize $1 million a year in savings on fuel, maintenance and labour costs.

London now testing smart cities operating system, An operating system designed to power the smart cities of the future will be put through its paces in London. By 2050 it is estimated that 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Living Plan IT estimates that ÂŁ13tn will be spent in developing and regenerating urban spaces between now and 2020.

4. Smart Manufacturing

You devices, sensors, measuring instruments at manufacturing hub now analyse big data collected every day. They will do slight modifications in their process, will grab you more revenue by optimising themselves.

Your smart system will analyse everything and will suggest you for a smart movements of devices, machines which reduces amount of work and increases the manufacturing speed.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle plant in York did something great, One analyst recently told The Wall Street Journal that installing a manufacturing execution system into a single factory can cost between $500,000 and $1 million. But according to SAP (which provided the Harley plant’s software), the factory can now turn out 25% more bikes with 30% fewer workers. Instead of delivering one of its 1,700 bike variations in 21 days, it can manage delivery in a mere six hours. Reference

5. Smart Energy Systems

Collection of data over several years helps to innovate new energy plants, scientists were able to invent wind turbines without blade, bird lovers would be happy with these blade less wind turbines

6. Smart Health Kit

Now a wrist band in your hand analyses you pulse, your breath and predicts well before you will suffer from a disease, there are devices which will analyse your breath and predict breast cancer, Apple has invented Apple watch which is integrated with bunch of sensors.

A device can analyse your heart beat data collected several months and can suggest you precautionary activities to keep you away from heart attack.


7. Smart Agriculture

Now sensors fitted in your field can constantly analyse weather variations and suggest you to take necessary steps for better farming,

They can analyse and predict the time elephants, birds come and spoil your farm and alarm you well before they arrive or can switch on low strength electric fence at the time only.

Sensors can analyse soil moisture records and will switch on the pump only when it is required, can even add fertilisers in water the amount which is required

8. Smart Entertainment devices

Your MP3 players can now analyse which songs you listen what time, they can even analyse the place you are currently in and switch to the song you prefer to listen that moment. 

Your music system is now smarter then ever, it can play ABC song when your kids arrive at home from school.

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